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Customized order - Natalia

Customized order - Natalia

🌟 Time-Saving 

Time is money, and our product is engineered to help you save both. By cutting down on application process, you can significantly reduce the time spent on each client, allowing you to serve more clients in a day.

🌟 Money-Saving 

Instead of buying 4 boxes of individual sizes, this cost-effective approach boosts your profitability while maintaining the high quality your clients expect.

🌟 Consistency 

Each fan is 100% handmade in Vietnam, reflecting our commitment to excellence. By making them in small batches, skilled artisans craft these fans with precision and care, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of quality and consistency. 

🌟 Best Retention 

Retention is a crucial factor in lash extensions, and our product excels in this regard. The lightweight, skinny base of our fans promotes the best possible retention, allowing your clients to enjoy their extensions for longer periods. Your work will not only look stunning but also last, leaving your clients satisfied and coming back for more.

🌟 Best Value 

The amount of fans you can get from this box is 10x the amount of a regular fan box. Not only that can save you money but also can last you a lot longer

🌟 Made to order

Experience the different between human-made volume fans and machine-made volume fans and you will understand why this product has become lash artist’s top choice. By making it to order in small batches, we can guarantee the shape and curl of each fan to last at least 2-3 years without changing its shape

  • Loved by over 10,000 lash artists
  • Best value for your money
  • 30 Days money back guaranteed


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Nobody is gonna know

Picture this: no more making volume fans from scratch. It's like having a helping hand in the beauty process – grab the perfectly arranged fan, dip in glue, and you're good to go!

We get it – time is gold, especially when you’re running behind on time before the next appointment. This is why "Premade Volume Fans" has become lash artist's secret cheat code over the past few years, thanks to its varibility and benefits

How would they know?

Premade fans have long been the go-to solution for lash artists looking to create a fuller lash extension set in less time. However, traditional premade fans were often heavy and had a flat stem that would easily detach, leading to disappointing retention. Thankfully, those days are now behind us. Just picture being able to achieve this breathtaking look without any trade-offs. It's truly remarkable, isn't it?

Experience the art of handcrafted volume fans

Unlike mass-produced alternatives, our commitment to excellence shines through in the attention given to each fan. Crafting them in small batches allows us to focus on every detail, guaranteeing a level of quality that sets our product apart.

This artisanal approach isn't just about creating lashes; it's about creating a lash experience. We believe that handmade excellence is the key to delivering the best quality to our lash artists. We want to provide a short cut, without compromising the quality of the result.

  • Sarah M.


    As a lash artist, speed and precision are my daily grind. These Wispy Fans? Absolute magic. I love the fact that is has 4 sizes, that is so convenient. Everything I need is in 1 box, easy to store, easy to use. I got a box for every curl available. Such a great value pack.

  • Jennie A.


    I was thrilled to find these wispy fans! Not only do they give me that perfect wispy finish, but they're also a budget-friendly gem. More fans per box means more glam without breaking the bank. I can use this 1 box for many clients and it’s totally worth it!

  • Emily P.


    Discovering these premade spike fans felt like stumbling upon the ultimate lash hack! These are better than premade volume fans; they're my newfound solution for a perfect wispy look. The struggle of making individual spikes is a thing of the past. Now, it's so simple!