Made in Vietnam


If you ever wondered how premade volume fans were made from start to finish, in small batches, by the most skilled workers from Vietnam. Watch this video

Steps by steps how our premade volume fans were made

  1. Choosing the Best Material:

    • We start by selecting top-notch synthetic fibers from Korean, these are light, flexible, and mimic the natural feel of lashes.

  2. Crafting Each Fan:

    • Carefully place each hair in its place using a mold. 

    • Ensure the length of the hairs are even

    • These will then be transferred to another factory to curl and package

  3. Curling:

    • Pre-curled fans are rolled up using a metal stick to get the desired curl

    • Fans will be put in the oven to “bake”

  4. Adding the Magic Touch:

    • Applying a touch of adhesive at the base to help the stem stay small, sharp and pointy

  5. Waiting for Perfection:

    • Giving the adhesive time to dry and set, so each fan holds its shape flawlessly.

  6. Checking for Awesomeness:

    • Performing quality checks to catch any imperfections and make sure every fan meets our high standards.

  7. Getting Ready for You:

    • Packaging the premade fans carefully to ensure they arrive just as perfect as they left our hands.

  8. Putting on the Finishing Touches:

    • Adding labels and branding to make each set uniquely ours.

  9. Sending Them Your Way:

    • Shipping them out to reach you, or your favourite salon, ready to add that extra flair to your lashes.

Premade fans that were made by hands ( Top ) will ended up having smaller, sharper base. When compares to the  mass-produced fans ( Bottom ) 

After being in the oven, these fans were left out to cool. This will help keeping the shape and curl for upto 3 years